Queen Anne High School passionately believes that music plays a vital role in enhancing our pupils’ creative minds, presentational skills and responsibilities, along with elevating their personal and social skills.

Through music at Queen Anne, our pupils have many enriching opportunities to become pro-active, creative learners. Performing and creating music are the most prominent activities throughout music study within Queen Anne. All pupils have the opportunity to develop skills on two instruments, such as vocal and instrumental work, explore sounds and musical concepts, and use their creative imaginations to compose music.

Throughout the academic and extremely full extra-curricular year, there are many occasions and opportunities for our pupils to highlight their talents through performance to their peers and the community. Live music at Queen Anne has become extremely popular with pupils and staff.

The use of ICT to enhance learning in the music classroom is used everyday, if not every period. Queen Anne endeavours to keep our technology modern, ensuring that our composing and arranging software is up to date and that our Recording Studio continues to become more and more professional, matching that of industry standard software and hardware.

Edward Ferguson
Principal Teacher of Music


Classroom Music Teachers:

Mr E Ferguson (Principal Teacher)
Mr R Gardner (Teacher)
Mrs D Jarvie (Teacher)
Mr M Livingstone (Acting Principal Teacher)

Instrumental Instructors:

Miss L Fellows (Woodwind)
Mr R Keane (Cello/Double Bass)
Mr C Madden (Brass)
Mr R McBride (Percussion)                                 Miss K McPhail (Piano)                                                                                                             Mrs N Morrison (Percussion – currently on maternity leave)                                                   Mrs J Ritchie (Viola/Violin)                                                                                                     Mr T Short (Guitar)