(New Curriculum for Excellence music course work on its way!)

In line with SQA’s Guidance on Learning and Teaching approaches, the focus of the course is on performing.

Performance activities provide a platform for performance practice, an opportunity for shared listening experiences and a stimulus for composing activities.

As the instrumental repertoire experienced is unlikely to provide coverage of the concept content of the Course, structured listening activities will be required to extend and consolidate knowledge acquired through performing.

Similarly, while composing candidates may be inspired and motivated by experience in performing and listening, they will gain additional benefit from developing their knowledge of the conventions, techniques and skills of the composing process.

While a wide variety of learning and teaching approaches will be adopted, individual learning is paramount at this level and beyond.

Teachers should be aware of the current regulations concerning the timings and demands required at Standard Grade. Note should be made that SQA no longer require group performance on a second instrument.